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Ride like... Lara Edwards
International Dressage rider Lara Edwards is holder of 17 regional and two national titles. She has been selected four times in 2019 to represent Great Britain...
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Digestion - Keep It Moving
The equine digestive system impacts greatly on the overall health and wellbeing of a horse, not to mention the effect on performance. In simple terms the...
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Alltech And Rossdales Veterinary Surgeons Join Forces To Highlight The Impact Of Mycotoxins On Horses
Rossdales Veterinary Surgeons in Newmarket has formed an innovative partnership with leading animal nutrition company Alltech to raise awareness and...
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The Importance Of Good Digestive Health At Every Stage Of Life
From before birth to ripe old age the digestive system is constantly working to keep the horse healthy, by fermenting fibre, processing nutrients and supporting...
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Mycotoxin Testing With Dr Helen Warren
Here Dr Helen Warren, Alltech’s European Technical Manager, explains how testing forage and supplementing the diet with Forage Guard can help in limiting...
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The Challenging Effects Of Winter On The Digestive System
Winter can be a challenge for the equine digestive system as the horse's diet and routine change. These small changes in routine can cause the digestive system...
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Reduce the Risk of Mycotoxins
Mycotoxins are certain types of mould that can occur on growing, harvested or stored cereal and forage crops. Invisible to the naked eye, these toxic chemicals...
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