For the Breeding Horse and Leisure Horse in Moderate Activity

Specifically designed for improving reproductive health and developing sport horses, LIFEFORCE Formula allows
horses to get the most out of their diets.
  • Helps support your horse’s immune function
  • Enhances fiber digesting bacteria, supporting fermentation of feeds and forages in the cecum, enabling your
    horse to extract the maximum nutrients from all feed sources
  • Contains organic trace mineral that help maintain mare milk quality and promote healthy growth in young foals
  • Contains organic trace minerals that are shown to supports the reproductive system of mares and stallions
Lifeforce Formula should be fed at the rate of 56g per day, ideally split between two feeds.

Lifeforce Formula is available in a 5kg Tub which provides a 90 day supply. Measuring scoop included.

RRP £90

*Please note that this product is only available for delivery in the UK.