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Introducing the Lifeforce Range from Alltech

The Lifeforce Range of supplements from Alltech has been tailored to meet the needs of horses at every stage of life from the early developmental stages as a foal, through the demands of competition, and well into retirement.

The LIFEFORCE Range consists of three all-natural, daily nutritional supplements backed by more than 30 years of Alltech’s scientifically-proven, fully traceable technologies. They contain cutting-edge ingredients that fully comply with competition standards, where consistency and safety are a top priority.

Each specialized supplement delivers the right balance of natural ingredients to optimize digestive health for horses of a specific lifestyle, providing an effective way of maintaining a healthy horse.

LIFEFORCE Focus™ maintains the health of the leisure, low-maintenance or retired horse.

LIFEFORCE Elite™ provides dietary support to help manage stress and maximize nutrient intake for competition horses and those in high activity.

LIFEFORCE Formula™ serves the breeding horse, enhancing reproductive performance in mares and stallions, and boosts overall health for the moderately active pleasure horse.

Alltech are the leading experts in equine digestive health.

As with any new feed, Lifeforce should be introduced gradually.

Please note that the Lifeforce Range is only available for delivery in the UK.