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Reduce the Risk of Mycotoxins
Mycotoxins are certain types of mould that can occur on growing, harvested or stored cereal and forage crops. Invisible to the naked eye, these toxic chemicals...
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Ride like... Lara Edwards
Holder of ten British dressage regional titles and two national titles, Lara Edwards has a passion for producing horses. Here she helps identify the importance of...
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A Day In The Life Of Lara Edwards Dressage
Anyone with horses and a job will know the struggle of juggling life and caring for their horse. Lara Edwards knows this only too well combining work and a family...
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Good digestion
Nutrition company Alltech reveals how the equine digestive system works, and outlines common issues that can affect it. The equine digestive system stretches...
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The Equine Digestive System
In this issue Alltech help us to understand the equine digestive system and the different phases the whole process goes through.
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Reducing Stress to Aid Digestion
Horses of all lifestyles can be affected by stress, and not surprisingly this can have a negative impact on their digestive system, resulting in anything from loss of...
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37+ Test Explained
In this issues Dr Helen Warren, Alltech's European Technical Manager, helps us to understand how mycotoxins are detected and identified.
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